Global Climate Hub

Climatic ideas, innovations, trends

"Global Climate Hub" is a global climate platform on trade of climate services with single information space, providing to participants of global market of water resources a full and closed complex of climate services. Global climate Hub - is a generator of different climatic ideas, innovations, trends, and is the engine of the world economy.
The economic policy of the Global Climate Hub aimed at becoming a CLIMATE CRON as the main investment instrument and its trans­formation to world water's reserve asset!

Main Participants

The main participants of the "Global Climate Hub" are:

"Climate Global Control Trading LLC" as a main the world leading Supplier of climate services of global market of water resources.
Company "BITonFly LLC", which will provide to participants of global market of water resources a climate global universal trading platform, including international cryptocurrency exchange "CRON Exchange" and an international "Center of Trade of Climate Services", created on a single blockchain technology and combined all the necessary interfaces.
UAE Government, which provides comprehensive political and economic support of the Project.
Strategic Partners - the other participants of global market of water resources, which provide political and economic support of the Project.

More About

Climate Services

"Global Climate Hub" will allow to provide to the participants of global market of water resources full range of climate services:

At one place, on a single media resource (TV) get all the necessary information about climate services, and receive interesting information about the weather and climate in all parts of the world in the form of user-friendly Media directories media streams.
At the universal "Cryptocurrency exchange CRON Exchange" purchase, sell or exchange the required amount of cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON.
At the "Center of Trade of Climate Services" order necessary climate services, sign a contract with Climate Global Control Trading LLC and settle with the Provider for the supplied services in cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON.

Unified Information (Media) Resource based on TVonFly PLatform which provides a plenty of services. The main are: generating virtual TV channels and MediaStreams from the content any user may find over the Internet by himself, but the TVonFly service changes the way of getting info from the internet. Save time on searching, filtering and sorting videos, photos and texts. Enter what you want to watch for in the query form - and just watch! It is awesome, fast and easy to use.

TVonFly service is working on the client-side. All the user information is private. No content copying. No retranslation. All data rights are reserved from the place it is taken.

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